Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having the best Halloween!  I have some catching up to do on here but I wanted to make sure you enjoy this day.  Please take a minue to visit StyleLynxBlog on Instagram.  I have so much on there that I haven’t had time to add here yet.

Yesterday, I carved a pumpkin and added a Yankee Canndle Mid Summer Night’s Dream votive inside.  (I’m a writer…I loved the whole Shakespeare thing…and it smells great.)  I remembered that my mom surprised me , when I was little, with yummy pumpkin seeds that I could eat.  I though, hey…why not.  So see my pictures for the turn out.  The fact is that they were not as perfect as my mom’s but still yummy.

Today, I bought some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to have after my homemade Crock Pot chilli.  (Side note: this ice cream emits great memories from my childhood.  Movie time with my friends around Hollween.  Also, a few other nice moments.)  I loved all of it.  The Crock Pot chilli was done two or three days ago.  I made corn bread with it.  It goes hand -in – hand with it.  I think mine is special.  Even though it comes from the box 🙂  Positive thinking, people 🙂

I’ll add more posts from the last few months.  In the meantime, please enjoy.  Happy Halloween!!!

StyleLynx Halloween

Summer Styles

I joined LuLaRoe this week.  I’ll have a party this evening that I’d love for you to attend.  I purchased my own LuLaRoe skirt a month or so ago.  I did this before even thinking about hostessing a party.  Check out my LuLaRoe ‘Cassie’ skirt.  This is a size xs.  I’m between 5’9″ and 5’10” or so.  I’m tall and thin so I chose the size small.  It fits great.  Size guides are listed on the event page.

Join my party at:  RobKat LuLaRoe Online Party !


*This is a promotional/advertisement post due to the fact that I’m selling LuLaRoe products starting July 25th, 2016.

Lookbook: Urban Decay ‘Moondust Palette’

I’m sure you’re curious about what’s to come with the up-and-coming release of Urban Decay’s ‘Moondust palette.’  I love all of the colors.  I’ve -and some of Sephora’s talented makeup artists- created a lookbook for you.  I’ve added looks using almost all of the colors.  I’ll add more later.  Without further adue…

The UD Moondust Palette: Daytime smokey eye created using Element on outer corner of top lid.  Jessica, Sephora makeup artist, used ‘specter’ on middle to inner lid.  The two colors were blended over the edges of each other.

On my lips: Tarte Tartest ‘totes’ lip liner.  Tarte ‘texas toast’ on main lips (this is a grav3yardgirl x Tarte color).  Jessica blended for a gradient effect.  Go see Jessica at the Naperville, IL. Sephora if you’re in this area.  I’m loving this look.

Brooke, Living Proof Haircare Account Executive, did a great job on my hair.  It was smoothed out using Humidity Shield, LP Straight Spray, LP Texture Mist, LP Nourishing Hair Oil, and LP Flex Shaping Spray.



Pictured below:

UD Vice palette used on upper lid.  Mini cat eye liner created using Stila liner pen

UD Moondust palette used under lower lashes.  I used ‘element.’

UD Vice Lipstick in the new color, ‘TMI.’
IMG_20160702_124238elementupcloseIMG_20160702_114222element under eye












Amanda, Sephora Makeup Artist, created this look using the UD Moondust palette using ‘galaxy’ plus UD Naked Basics palette colors in ‘frisk,’ and ‘primal.’  Additionally, some MUFE colors.  Schedule a makeover with her at Geneva Commons in Geneva, IL.


Amanda said, “I challenge you to think to yourself…why am I going to do this or that (speaking about what artistic direction/application you take when applying makeup). ”  She added that, “when using a cool toned eyeshadow it is important to use a cool toned blush and lip.”  Amanda really thinks things through.  I love it!


This look (pictured below) was created by me, myself, and I using ‘cosmic’ (a seperate eyeshadow.  I used ‘magnetic’ on the main lid.  IMG_20160628_123406magneticlids





Spring Trend Event

I went to Nordstrom’s Spring Trend Event in March.  It was so much fun!  It honestly exceeded my expectations.  I really thought it would be a small event that wasn’t full of anything that new.  I was wrong.  There was a runway, seats set up a lot like the fashion week shows.  There were giveaways announced to the audience.  The giveaways were substantial too.  Of course, fashions were demonstrated by the pretty models.

Here are a few pictures.

I was given a Nordstrom bag packed with beauty samples, a snack box filled with treats, a bottle of water, a pamphlet giving a rundown of the runway show, and a pencil labeled “Nordstrom.” This was impressive.  I know that there was Starbucks coffee being served somewhere.  I just wasn’t sure where.  These treats were such a nice way to welcome guests!



Kelly Edwards, Nordstrom’s Reginal Beauty Director for the Midwest, was the hostess for the morning.  She evoked excitement in all of us.  Someone had her coffee that morning.  It’s so much more fun when someone is just as excited about the styles as you.  Right!  Take a look at some of the runway fun.

Yves Saint Laurnet Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick $36.00.  An audience member had a chance to get a selfie after trying it out.  It was so easy to apply that the audience member didn’t even need a mirror.  She looked great.


Dior sunglasses!  Plus, this spring’s neutrals.

I loved Sara Happ’s story.  She looked so chic!  She seemed like someone you’d love to spend time chatting with.  I almost had time to talk with her but I was grabbing my Perricone MD products and didn’t think about the time.  By the time I got down there she had to leave.  Next time Sara.

I picked up Perricone MD’s ‘Photo Plasma’ and their lipstick on the day of the event.  I got it home and tried the lipstick.  It give a naturally pretty look.  It has a nice scent too.

Tomorrow, I’ll update this page.  I have so much to say about all of this.  Plus, I’m trying Esteee Lauder’s night serum.  I’ll let you know how my sking looks tomorrow too.


My skin looks smoother after using Estee Lauder’s night serum.  If I am correct, the serum has sort of a very faint orange appearance.  That or it was a reflection off of my shirt that day.   It’s a thin liquid since it’s a serum.  I liked the faint scent and the way it felt after patting it onto my face.  It absorbed fast.  After, I applied Perricone MD ‘Face Finishing Moisturizer.’  I would buy a full size of this product.  It’s difficult to tell after just one use.  My overall feeling is that it would be worth your time.

What’s Underneath

Street styles catch my eye from time to time.  You know.  You sit at a stop light daydreaming for a minute.  And then you see great style.  I saw nice springtime dress.  I thought it was great.  Until… the wind hit it.  Let me save you from an overly revealing situation.  Consider using a slip.  Try slips made for:

  • knee-length dresses
  • maxi dress length slips
  • half slips for skirts

There are a lot of different brands and options.  Take a look inside of a department store.

Benefits from slips:

  • slimming
  • keeps dress/skirts/ even certain pants in a formed silhouette
  • smooths any bra/underclothing lines
  • helps keeps static from catching onto your clothing

Slips aren’t the only means to fix it all.  Spring and summer call for white short and lighter weighted fabrics.  Use products like:

  • skin colored panties


  • keeps the focus on shorts not on the panties


Sometimes we wear tank tops that are low on the back.  Depending on your preference you might look into products like:

  • Commando ‘cleavage cupcakes’ that cover most or all of the breast
  • Commando ‘top hats’ that cover the areola

Benefits from these products:

  • more cleavage
  • fuller appearance to breasts
  • hiding color and outline around or of the areola
  • allows for freedom of the band of a bra


Use these tips as a reminder.  Pick up the products that apply to your needs.  Now you’ll leave home in style!




Fall Product Previews At Sephora

If you haden’t heard about Sephora’s VIB Rouge fall preview event… you’re missing out.  I found lots of goodies.  The event was on June 5.  That was the day of the special event only available to anyone at Rouge level.  I think I should let you in on the fun.  Plus, these products will be available to everyone this weekend.


Ughh…Natalie, Store Director at Geneva Commons, is the nicest person you’ll meet.  Equally important: she’s full of product knowledge and tips.  Keep reading to see what’s new and some inside info.



Here they are.  Let me get started by listing the brands and products.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in colors:

  • Carmel
  • Oblivion
  • Speedball
  • TMI
  • Tampered
  • Safe word
  • Cruz
  • Notorious
  • Tantric
  • Vanity Kills
  • Earthling
  • Sabotoge
  • Savage
  • Double Team
  • Whip
  • Crash
  • Wrath
  • WildFire
  • Junkie

Look at the colors here.

Benefit in Ka-Brow

Makeup For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara

Nars Liquid Gold Set

Sephora Favorites Summer Crush

Smashbox Master Class Palette: Lighting Theory

Clinique Prep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer

Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Eyelid Lift Serum

Atelier Cologne Travel Set

You’ll also see Farmacy moisturizer and Sunday Riley face cleanser and night drops that are “Hot Now” products.

So you’ll find this to be ironic.  I bought Sephora’s Summer Favorites Summer Crush Set.  The Sephora makeup bag is given to anyone that was at the event and made a purchase.  I love the look and I’m using mine right now.  It’s a nice gift.  The Shiseido, Lancome, GlamGlow, and The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder were samples.  Sort of like the samples you get online with purchases.  I really like the choices and plan on trying them soon.

20160611_162328fallpreviewrougeeventWithSamples edit(1)

I uploaded a video of Sephora brand brush cleaner and my techniques.  Please click over to @Stylelynxblog on Instagram.  It’s fun.  Just watch it.


You’ll notice Benefit KA-Brow on the fall preview display.  I was given a special sample of it.  Take a look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictured from Sephora’s Summer Favorites:

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer – (UD eyeshadows on top stayed put in this 90 degree weather)

Kat Von D Studded lipstick in ‘Sexer’ – (stayed on well and I wouldn’t have bought the brand and color on my own.  Now that I’ve tried it – and I mean this- I would buy it.  I already had compliments on it.  Side note: It looks better on pale skin if you use bronzer like Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess or Hourglass Bronzer.

Lancome Grandiose Waterproof Mascara – (Stayed on really well and looked great.  I would purchase it.  It does take a few swipes to get it to get into place on my lashes.  Once it’s on there, it’s there.)

Fresh ‘Rose’ Lip Treatment – (I always love Fresh ‘Rose’ lip treatment tint!)

I tried Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.  I think I need to try the oil decreasing formula.  I guess I really don’t need to though now that I have Beauty Blender’s ‘Blotterotzzi.’  I think it will work good.  I even did you a favor and asked Natalie and other Sephora Cast members if they think it removes foundation when blotting.  They have never noticed it happening.  I’m going to try that too and tell you about it.

Not used for this photo but is in Sephora Summer Favorites box:

Tarte ‘TarteGuard’ SPF 30 – (I’ve already had a sample of Tarte’s SPF.  I thought it was average but still can be useful.  It’s just not my first choice.  However, I love Tarte products in general.  This just has a thin and different consistency, to me.  I prefer either getting it in Perricone MD’s Photo Plasma or otherwise.  I’ll write an article on the whole SPF thing soon.)

Stila waterproof eye liner – (I have never used Stila’s eye liner but I’m excited to see how I like it.  I’ll post pictures on Instagram when I try it out.)

My eyebrows are Anastaia brow definer pencil in this picture.  It’s not the KA-Brow by Benefit.

Any other samples, like

  • Shiseido ‘Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate’
  • Glam Glow ‘Gravitymud Firming Treatment’
  • The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder ‘Dissolve The Drama’
  • Lancome ‘La vie est belle’ L’Eau De Parfum

…I’ll have to fill you in on it later.  So much to do…so much ticking that the clock does.

I’m excited to try the other samples.  I’ll have a few more pieces of information for you, here, tomorrow.

One last thing.  The food is always very good at these events.  Starbucks, really good chocolate cookies that taste fresh, and cute little acai berries covered in chocolates, and more.  Just look at it.  It says it all.  P.S.- If the food and drinks weren’t there.  It wouldn’t be the same.



Lancome ‘La vie est belle’ L’Eau De Parfum is a bit strong.  I like fresh and or lightly floral scents usually.  I picture every mosquito on the block following me.  That’s even if it’s daytime.  As in I might be mosquito paranoid since I swell from mosquito bites and they make me miserable times ten.  I also have allergies so I do everything I can to keep allergy headaches away.  Back to the point: smells nice but a little strong on my skin.  Everyone has different chemistry to the perfumes so it’s worth trying.  The only other stronger scented perfume that I love anyway… Viktor & Ralph’s Flower Bomb.  My mom wears it and it’s just so beautiful.

 The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder ‘Dissolve The Drama’ 2-In-1 Makeup Remover+Cleanser is very good.  Wear contacts?  I suggest removing them before using the remover+cleanser.  I found that it was pretty easy to get in your eyes since its a liquid solution.  It removed my makeup faster than The Estee Edit ‘Dissolve The Drama’ longwear makeup remover wipes.  I like the wipes better because a wipe can be more easily controlled.  I might switch over to the cleanser+remover since it’s faster at removing makeup.  I was wearing the Lancome Grandiose Waterproof Mascara that was part of my Sephora Favorites box.   If it removed this mascara; feel assured that all of your makeup will come off.

FASHIONABLY LATE. A.K.A. catching up

It’s time to catch up.  I’ve been busy with my client’s website, before that was a move that I helped with, revisiting the idea of a restructured site, playing nurse, and everyday tasks.  Now I’m writing this to let you know… I have a lot of tips, ideas, and style to share.

The purpose of this post is to let you know that since I’m catching up, I may or may not have a few articles in chronological order.  However, I can let you know which articles may or may not be in order.

  • What’s Underneath (tips to keep your style looking great… even on windy days)
  • Fall Product Previews At Sephora ( VIB Rouge Event…info. you can use now)
  • Spring Trend Event At Nordstrom.  (It was really a well put together event.  You’ll wish you had gone.  I’ll share what I saw.  The info. is useful now.  We’re still in spring.  It still counts.  You cannot discount the stories and scoop you’ll get.)
  • Accessories Are Awesome.  But Not When You Ruin Them.  (Learn from my unfortunate incident.  I know it’ll be useful to anyone with a real leather purse.)
  • Spring Hairstyles

O.K.  So let me get going.  I have articles to write.  In the meantime:  I have added pictures to @StyleLynxBlog ‘s Instagram account.  Please take a sec to look.  I think you’ll enjoy it.